English Canadian Sculptor

English Canadian Sculptor

The artist Alec John Godden is 82 years old, but it’s impossible to tell after looking at his latest masterpiece created in the summer of 2013.(http://youtu.be/vy3k9Z632MM)


3 thoughts on “English Canadian Sculptor

  1. My name is Nicholas and I have had the privilege to work with the great artist A J Godden since 1993. Alec has been called a genius by many and from my personal experience I find Alec to be a lateral thinker.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateral_thinking)

  2. neomfg says:

    http://AJGodden.ca 2015 Alec celebrated his 83rd Birthday, We all take this opportunity to wish him the Best, Good Luck and Happy Retirement.

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